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Who are we

We are the workgroup that organises the March 8th 2018 Feminist Strike in the Spanish state. We belong to many different collectives and come from different regions. Our main purpose is to create a common plan for the Strike and look for a big response in the whole country and internationally. Nowadays we are working on the creation of a structure to coordinate the actions and spread the voice about it, both inside and outside of the Spanish state.

How did it all begin? Our first step was a positive assessment of the 2017 International Women Strike. Then, some months ago, a numer of members of the Madrilenian 8M group decided to start working to organise this year´s Strike. There was enough time ahead to organise it, but they wanted to do it properly: having as many participants as possible, from all different regions of Spain and also at an international level. So, in the summer 2017, and after a first meeting in Madrid, other feminist groups started organising themselves in different regions of Spain and created their own spaces to put together a Strike from a local perspective.

In October 2017, all these different groups had a meeting in Elche (Spain), where it was decided to create this national platform. Since then, thousands of Spanish women have started to build together this structure, addressed to organise a common great Strike in 2018. Also, an Internationalisation comission is spreading the word worldwide so the golden dream can come true: women from as many countries as possible struggling together at the same time against the common oppression. Every woman can be part of this movement, every group and collective. Moreover, we want to be together and united, thus you are more than invited to join us and spread the voice, so we reach all the corners of the world and become hundreds, thousands, millions of women claiming together against the patriarchal system that threatens the live in the planet.

We want to stop this system and its violence, so we can build again a new reality in which nobody is oppressed. To do so we need to be together, collaborating from our places and our perspectives, all oriented to this same horizon: reaching a liveable life to everyone, the life without discriminations that we all deserve to live.


Was is the Feminist Strike?

It is not our aim to organise a “classic workers strike” but to go beyond this format: our plan is to paralyse all the different tasks and activities that women usually do, in all different levels. Specifically, we plan a housework and care strike in the private field, a labour strike and a consumer strike (both in the public field); and finally, a students´ strike in all educational levels.

These different (though closely entangled) strikes have their origin in a common thought: we believe that the World does not work without us, without our cares, without our purchases and without our labour. However, these tasks are barely acknowledged since it is us, women, taking care of them and exploited not just in the labour and public field, but also in our homes. The care-work of women (for example: nurturing, cleaning, taking care of children, sick or old members of the family) are necessary and essential in order to keep the live going, but almost nobody recognises them and moreover, they are never (or almost never) rewarded.

The same happens in the markets and shops: our everyday purchases are essential to the movements of the global capitalist system. Therefore, we want to paralyse all it and show to the World that we, the women, are essential and indispensable to everything, everywhere.

We want to paralyse the whole World from our different places, with an intersectional approach. We understand that every woman is different, so we want to take account all these different realities that cross us all and to fight from there. We are migrants, students, butches, journalists, cooks, housewifes, trans, artists, self-employed, doctors, lawyers and much more… We are all different and we all want to stop/paralyse the World, but we need to be all involved to reach this common goal.

We are aware about the fact that organising such Strike is not an easy process; but we are a lot of different women determined to fight together in this common, plural and great way.

March 8th is an important date to us, but this process is way more important, because, thanks to it, different women (from different places and with different thoughts) have been reunited in this common fight against patriarchy. We are all together and determined to reach a better life for all us.